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Rank Digital: High stakes customer service

A ccessing skills and flexibility to deliver exceptional customer experiences


  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Ability to differentiate through consistent, high quality customer service
  • Empathetic, experienced agents
  • Low staff attrition
  • Compliance with gaming industry regulations
  • Resilient workforce
  • Cost-effective extended opening hours 7/7

From toe in the water to established partner

Initially contracted in 2012 to deliver a series of short-term tactical marketing campaigns across the group’s brand portfolio, Sensée now provides Rank Digital with the skills and flexibility they need to support a rapidly growing digital business.

Customer service is very important to Rank Digital’s customer base. The company knew that homeworking was a much better option than the well-trodden path of offshoring as it would deliver both cost savings in line with those achievable via offshore and significant customer experience improvements.

In early 2013, Rank Digital introduced a new quality management system and continues to maintain a ruthless focus on the KPIs that make the biggest impact. The group closely tracks key qualitative and quantitative measures – from customer satisfaction to soft skills, adapting style and issue resolution that deliver great experiences – that have been proven to drive the most positive business outcomes. The operations of both Rank Digital and Sensée are managed in line with these areas of focus, and in addition, the companies collaborate extremely closely on everything from recruitment to agent training and performance management.

"Today, over 35 HomeAgents provide frontline customer service across both Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino. The Sensée team works alongside our own in-house team, giving us flexibility and resilient, high performance customer service capability during unsocial hours and weekends," explains Jennifer Fraser, Head of Contact Centre.

In an increasingly digital age, Rank Digital is building on these solid foundations and making significant, strategic investments to deliver the best gaming platform and mass customisation for the customer base.

The human touch in a digital age

Despite an uptake in self-service and an openness to digital channels, there will always be times when customers call the contact centre and when they do, their customer service expectations will be high and their desire for resolution more urgent. The same high expectations also apply when an organisation wants to make contact with a customer - particularly in the case of Mecca bingo customers. These customers value the close relationship they have with their preferred gaming brand and particularly prize an agent’s ability to deliver a customised experience.

Unrestricted by the recruitment catchment area limitations of traditional bricks and mortar contact centre operations, Sensée is able to secure the best agents to relate to Rank Digital’s customers.

Sensée's proprietary and entirely virtual recruitment model means that the company only secures home agents that have a strong interest in bingo and casinos and that live in the vicinity of the bingo/casino sites. As part of their induction, each home agent visits and registers with their local Mecca Bingo club so that they are able to experience things from the customer’s point of view and ultimately provide local support. Home agents only contact customers from their local area, which means – above and beyond regional accent matching – that they are able to build empathy with customers thanks to detailed local knowledge, before capturing feedback and/or presenting relevant new promotions when it is appropriate to do so.

In addition to its focused KPIs, Rank Digital operates within a tightly regulated industry. For this reason, the company is also keenly focused on complying with industry regulations and greatly values Sensée’s ability to deliver compliant processes and customer interactions.

The best of both worlds

As with any growing business, the market context can change quickly, which can have a knock-on effect on resourcing and relevant skill sets. In every case, Sensée has helped Rank Digital rise to the challenge, by supplementing their own resources or cutting their cloth in line with customer demand.

Sensée’s ability to secure and enable the right people for the job is second to none. "At Rank, we judge the effectiveness of recruitment by the calibre of the people that are employed, their 'speed to competence', and staff attrition levels. Customer service is a strategic priority for us, and Sensée secures excellent agents - without the constraints of traditional geographic limitations. This support enables us to deliver the top quality experiences our customer base deserves, with effective retention from the outset and over the longer term".

"In short, if the ground shifts, Sensée moves with us; they are great. There are an awful lot of outsourcers in my experience that don’t dedicate agents to a specific account, which in my opinion, means that they wouldn’t ‘get’ our customers and treat them the way we do. Sensée totally understands us and our customers. And very importantly, they are ethical and support the Rank belief of providing rewarding careers and security to employees," shares Jennifer.

"In summary, it would be fair to say that Sensée gives us unprecedented levels of agility thanks to a highly performing, flexible workforce. They recruit the right people easily, they’re happy due to their work life balance, which in turn means our customers are happy. And of course, this means that we maintain the level of customer service that we strive for as a business,” concludes Jennifer.

About Rank Digital

Rank Digital is an on-line gaming business, principally comprising, and Rank Digital’s primary market is Great Britain, although it also provides gaming websites in Spain and Belgium. Rank Group has been entertaining Britain since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today's gaming based entertainment brands. The Group has remained true to its founding mission to make life better by bringing people together for fun and entertainment. Rank has won a number of industry awards, most recently ‘best online bingo operator – Mecca’ and ‘Land based socially responsible operator – Rank Group’.

About Sensée

Sensée unlocks significant benefits by transforming the way companies work. Our multi-channel customer management services, delivered by highly skilled home agents, give our clients unprecedented agility to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, significant operational cost reductions and exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction. The leading homeworking outsourcer, Sensée employs c. 700 home agents to serve a prestigious client base that includes Argos, Aviva, Eurostar, PhotoBox, RAC and Rank Digital.