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Homeworking - a definition

W e are Homeworking 2.0

To fully appreciate why Homeworking 2.0 is truly great, it’s important to understand its origin. The Collins dictionary defines Homeworking as:

"The practice of working at home rather than in a factory or office." (Collins, 2015)

And few would argue that homeworking is an alternative to working in a traditional workspace. It arose during the early Internet and email days (circa 1998), and was adopted by “micro-businesses,” sole practitioners, freelancers, writers, maverick entrepreneurs and other niche career choices and businesses. It is also a common perquisite for senior executives - especially ones who travel often or commute from far distances.

More recently, the homeworking “privilege” has been extended to members of customer service teams who have earned their stripes in a traditional bricks and mortar environment and can be trusted to work at home with computing devices provided by employers.

But this describes what we call Homeworking 1.0 and at Sensée, we knew there was a better way. So that’s why we pioneered Homeworking 2.0, which we define as:

"The second generation of working from home which has been de-risked and extended to working practices at scale." (Sensée, 2015)

In effect, since 2012, Sensée has been operating at Homeworking 2.0. This is where the historical barriers of working from home – namely visibility, security and control - have been addressed to create viable options for a wide set of businesses and careers.

Homeworking 2.0 virtualises and systemises the entire employer-employee relationship life-cycle. It creates an employee-centric “ecosystem”, supported by specialist technology, to enable, monitor and evidence employee time, attendance, tasks, behaviour, customer interactions, and events.

All human resource activities – from recruitment to performance management - are effectively performed virtually. Homeworking 2.0 differs from 1.0 because it:

  • Enables businesses to access the very best people available, wherever they may be and whatever the functional requirement.
  • Unlocks exceptional agility and scalability, while ensuring the highest levels of visibility, control, security, compliance, and resilience.
  • Gives homeworkers rewarding careers and the gift to build their workday around their lives.
  • Is NOT predicated on trust. Businesses can easily identify who is working, what they are doing, and measure productivity.
  • Provides practical ‘systemised’ solutions that enable disadvantaged communities - such as carers or people with disabilities – to access rewarding careers without compromising the quality of output.

Homeworking 2.0 is a better way and it’s only available from Sensée, so let’s talk.

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