Travel Services Case Study

For any business, an unexpected event can challenge the customer service experience. Whether it’s a service disruption or a new promotion that drives unforeseen volumes of enquiries, it’s crucial to continue to deliver a consistent and accessible customer service at all times.

With over 10 million passengers per year this international travel company depends on a consistent and open dialogue with its leisure and business customers. When the unforeseen arises, the company needed to be ready to handle a sudden and sizeable increase in call volumes, often from discontented customers.

Whilst having a good base of trained and experienced staff is at the very core of their customer service model, the ability to scale up at short notice has been a challenge.

By working with us, this client found a new way of handling customer enquiries which enabled them to instantly tap into a workforce of highly trained and experienced customer service representatives.

We trained a homeworking team of ninety advisors who could provide customer support quickly — without the requirement to travel into the office and constraint of dedicated shifts — if and when required.

"The advantage of our homeworking solution for this client was that they could benefit from trained people quickly and efficiently. While it is perfect for disaster recovery services, it can also be used during peak times — covering all eventualities and keeping customers informed and empowered." Steve Mosser, Sensée CEO.