Financial Services Case Study

As a leader in the highly competitive insurance industry, this insurance services client was fully aware of the importance of delivering exceptional and compliant customer service alongside its high-class product portfolio to secure and retain market share.

With 5 million customer contacts each year, and over 31 million customers worldwide, this was quite an ambitious objective. In addition to high call volumes, customers get in contact at times of distressing life-changing events — from the loss of a family member or a car accident, to the theft of cherished possessions or a natural disaster. It was crucial that all calls were handled effectively and with the greatest possible empathy.

The constraints of traditional bricks and mortar operations — namely a fixed recruitment catchment area and rigid 8-hour daily shifts — made it challenging for them to deal with typical calling patterns and changes in demand. On top of this the client also needed to meet stringent financial services regulatory requirements, so an ability to manage processes was essential.

“It’s very clear that consumer habits are changing, the days of 9-5 are gone. Customers want to talk to knowledgeable agents when it suits them and intraday fluctuations could mean the client had to deviate from standard scheduling by 50-60 people at the highest peak. On the other hand, people want rewarding work and don’t want to commute to work split shifts.” Steve Mosser, Sensée CEO.

After a lengthy due diligence and tender process, this client appointed us to pilot the virtualisation of their contact centre operation through homeworking.


  • Efficiency gains of c. 30%
  • Ability to meet peak demand with agile resourcing and short shifts
  • Complete brand and cultural alignment to strategic “Systems Thinking” initiative
  • Virtual recruitment, training and service delivery
  • On-demand access to skilled, highly productive agents able to empathise with customers
  • CSAT scores that exceed in-house operations
  • Complete control, security and visibility of homeworking operations
  • Disaster recovery peace of mind


Just a few months after being appointed, we’d created a high-performance homeworking contact centre operation. Advisors were recruited specifically to work with existing peaks in customer demand. To be in line with 'Systems Thinking', recruits needed to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle all customer service, sales and retention contacts for the client’s discerning customer base.

The diversity and level of skills required meant that the virtual classroom training course lasted a full 6-weeks (as it does in-house). Our proprietary and specialist homeworking technology platform integrated with the client’s own systems and ensured fully compliant processes and customer interactions whenever appropriate.

Natural disasters and bad weather could have a big impact on the client’s staff and customers. Our operation also gave them the peace of mind that when unforeseen circumstances arise, such as floods or heavy snow, the homeworking team could take over. And, not only make up for staff who could not make it in but handle additional contacts from customers too.

After a successful pilot that met stringent cost, quality and financial services compliance criteria we provided over 100 home based advisors.


The client’s commitment to customers and innovative approaches to service operations led to them winning the prestigious 'Top 50' large contact centre award for two consecutive years.

“For this client we took the risk out of homeworking providing people, processes as well as specialist technology that delivers the control, visibility and security level needed for a heavily regulated environment. They simply hadn’t come across another outsourcer that could provide services to this level and we gave them the confidence to be the first to adopt homeworking." Steve Mosser, Sensée CEO.